i miss.

the times we sat on the roof together.
even when the rain fell.
the time we made a german film us doing our hand claps,
until we got it right.
the time we made that video 
of us singing to delta goodrem and brian mcfadden.
the times i’d sit in the purple bean bag.

the miserable hour of silence
when we weren’t in the mood for dinner.

the time we showered in our clothes.
the time we held our gas to fart in the shower
and see if we could still smell it.
the times they forgot to leave bread out for supper. 

the times i’d drag my doonah to your room.
at 11pm each night.
the times i’d drag my doonah back from your room.
at 6am every morning.
the times we’d cuddle
because we were homesick.

the time you cried on my floor.
the time i cried in your arms.

the times you’d cry so hard,
the only person you wanted
was me.

the times we’d go to hungry jacks.
and we’d wish we didn’t have to return.
the times we’d blame everyone else for our anger.
and frustration.

the times we’d go home for holidays
and miss each other.
the whole time. 


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