remember these girls.
the girls you know now.
the girls you shared your lunch hour with.
the girls you didn’t want to share your lunch with because you had hot chips.
the girls who have big dreams.
remember them.
and remember yourself.
because in years to come when we reunite,
we’ll just be the girls who used to be dreaming.
we’ll look at ourselves and say:
“but i’ve always been like this”
our paths over the next five years,
the next ten years,
the next fifteen years,
will be outward reflections of who we’ve always been.
so when we do see each other again,
we’ll be seen as the glorified version of our 18 year old self.
the parts of us that made it through all the crap and survived
to define ourselves just a little bit more.
so remember yourself now,
remember what people will compare you to one day when you’re together again.
remember those girls.
the girls who had dreams.
the girls who felt those dreams.
and compare them not to what they do or become,
but to what they believe in.
because each of us was given a beautiful opportunity to know one another.
don’t wait five years,
or ten years,
or fifteen… or twenty… or fifty
to say: “i can’t remember who you are” to any one of those girls…
only to discover that that girl is you.
don’t be that girl.
don’t let anyone else be that girl.
because you are beautiful now, and you’ll be beautiful then.
memorise yourself.
memorise your scars,
your stretch marks,
memorise the heart that needs to move onto bigger and better things.
because you’re worth knowing.
you’re worth remembering

and i’m glad i knew you.


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