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you say we’re fatally flawed
December 14, 2011

there are times where life seems to spill into me.

It’s hit me big time tonight… life.
working at the office today,
filing lodgments…
it began to seep in.
this is it.
I mean it in the best way possible.
tom has told me for weeks that there are moments where you know you’ve reached a period of adulthood.
not in the sense that you let go of being a childhood…
nor in the sense that you let go of being a child…
they are two things I don’t believe I could ever do.
but it’s weird knowing that I’ve traded a summer by the waves in my bikini,
for a salary…
for a suit.
I’m not a kid anymore.
it’s harsh.
my closest friends will read those words and know how hard it is for me to write it… to say it… to accept it…
I’m not a kid anymore.
I’ve held on for a long time.
but now begins a chapter… for real this time.


this moment is the audience
December 5, 2011

i can’t really say they’re the colour of the ocean… your eyes.
they’re blue, yes… but there is more.

that seems to be a trend with you.

last summer I crapped on about the colour of the water when i’m below the surface.
more accurately, the colour of the water as i gaze up at the sun from the bottom.
the way it spills through each layer… like some ironic blessing from ‘above’…
well that colour?
of freedom… of calm… of hope?

that’s your eyes. 


you look at me. and you whisper
“you are beautiful”

a kiss.

then a pause.


my response?
“i like your beard.”