a heavy numbness seizes

and in the end it’s the difference of the spirit and the matter
it’s the difference of the lover and the flyer
don’t it make you want to cry?
-lia ices

you transcribe the words of our conversation into a painting.
a girl, swirled by the fragility of each human soul, yet determined in her hope of a better world.
you take a photo.
and you send it to me.
you then take my favourite painting, one by leonid afremov.
you take out your oil pastels, and you re-create the colour of the connection in this painting.
you mail it to me. inside the envelope you’ve put a usb
and you’ve written
“this is best viewed by blurring your eyes and listening to the song i’ve put on a usb for you. it’s a beautiful song! about half way through a harmony begins… a dance where the masculine meets the feminine in a symphony of love. i think that’s what i love about the image you sent me (afremov’s painting). it looks like two paintings, and two worlds that meet under the umbrella. a threshold of two souls colliding”
i currently feel swirled by my own fragility, yes, but your letters give me hope, tom.
a hope that there is a threshold where two souls collide.
collide in harmony, in heart and in truth.
and for that i thank you.
for giving me perfect hope.
i only wish to return even a fragment of what you’ve given to me.


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