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people emptied the hall.
as the room slowly filtered to contain just the few of us,
i headed up the stairs and back onto the stage.
after hugging a few people she joined me.
and we stood their halfway up,
halfway down,
in the middle of the stairs and hugged.
i wonder if she could sense what I was thinking about.
as we stood their crying together.
i was remembering that very first day.
in my new uniform, and feeling nervous,
she’d guided me through the cathedral.
scoffing at the new haircuts people had.
and we sat together in the choir stands as there had been no room left for our house in other areas.
i remembered being so nervous.
completely out of place.

soon it was just maddy and I left in the hall.
and I looked out to the empty chairs.
feeling this immense feeling of complete closure.
no more processing,
or carrying banners,
no more awkward interesting facts,
and pulling faces at people who aren’t paying attention.
no more rivers common room…
or rivers common room/loft rants.
this place had not just became the place where I study,
but also the place where I live.
over the three years I’ve been at the school I’ve come to know it so well.
to the point where I now do the touring of new students.
to the point of emailing new students about any questions they have.
to the point where it now is my place,
a place where I belong.

we’ll grow old together
we’ll grow old together
and this love will never,
this old love will never die


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