this is something i would write, if you were a character of mine

She imagines that in some alternate universe, circumstances are different. She imagines that there is no famine, no war, no evil. She imagines that God is all there is, and the people pray with their faces upturned like sunflowers.

She is not tall, but she walks like she is. Her eyes are wide with unfeigned empathy. Her heart is big enough for both of us.

I sometimes wonder if she is an idealist. Can she imagine a world without hate; without pain? Can she imagine life without God? Will her knees burn as she falls before the alter of religion, words undulating to the sky in great waves of pain, her mind racing as she imagines imagines imagines

She does not stop.

If she were a nun, I can see her arguing restlessly with the priest and twirling madly in the courtyard as the music of the mountains swells in the background. She would help up fallen children and smile at old women.

Sometimes I imagine she is from another world.

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