thinking about letting go

we’re the thieves of love.
like daggers we’ve sunk
our sharp teeth
onto the wallowing abyss
of lustful misery.
arched with backbones
that drone
on the subtleties of loneliness
and hope
for freedom.
my teeth are clenched
on the smoking ghosts
of those that choked
on the colours
i’ve been searching for.
and perhaps if those colours
had made it to my chest
then i’d have known
that love is more
than scratch marks
on my back.
and perhaps if the colours
were in my cheeks
as I coughed them
into the world
then the world would have listened
to me
when I cried
when I hid
when I slept.
but tonight
with my teeth in their gums
and my mind in veins
pumping slowly around my limbs
the world seems to have
little breath left in its lungs
for a thief like me.

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