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it’s getting dark
September 29, 2011

you seem so lost little one


someone else
September 29, 2011

dear christians who believe homosexuality is a sin,

corinthians 13:
“these three remain: faith, hope and love.
but the greates of these is love”

regards, your sister

i can feel my heartbeat taking me down
September 27, 2011

“our world will not dies as a result of the bomb, as the papers say – it will die of laughter, of banality, of making a joke of everything, and a lousy joke at that”

-carlos ruiz zafron

this is something i would write, if you were a character of mine
September 27, 2011

She imagines that in some alternate universe, circumstances are different. She imagines that there is no famine, no war, no evil. She imagines that God is all there is, and the people pray with their faces upturned like sunflowers.

She is not tall, but she walks like she is. Her eyes are wide with unfeigned empathy. Her heart is big enough for both of us.

I sometimes wonder if she is an idealist. Can she imagine a world without hate; without pain? Can she imagine life without God? Will her knees burn as she falls before the alter of religion, words undulating to the sky in great waves of pain, her mind racing as she imagines imagines imagines

She does not stop.

If she were a nun, I can see her arguing restlessly with the priest and twirling madly in the courtyard as the music of the mountains swells in the background. She would help up fallen children and smile at old women.

Sometimes I imagine she is from another world.

these things take forever, i especially am slow
September 26, 2011

ruby: i don’t understand these uniform rules you have…. that girl had her blazer wide open but you didn’t say anything to her.
me: they’re allowed to… i just have to make sure that they have it on.
ruby: okay.
ruby: but what if they weren’t wearing it fully? what if they only had one arm in it?
(no response)
ruby: and what if the rest of it was hanging off her shoulder and dragging along in the dirt?
me: you know ruby… i’m actually not too sure. i’ll ask my principal for you.

i think the invincibility of this relationship
almost makes me feel invincible too.

i will.

say those words for me
September 24, 2011

you: it’s probably a good idea we organise what to talk about on monday… so there’s no awkward silences. because normally there are… HAHAH
me: yeah. normally our whole conversation is one extended awkward silence.
you: in fact, have we ever actually talked?

my girl… i’ll love you til the ocean is folded up to dry.

for you
September 24, 2011

i often wonder if the public would have supported the malaysian solution, had it not been the horrific images displayed on ‘go back to where you came from’….
more than that, i wonder how horrific some of the other places we want to send asylum seekers are.

make sure it never never happens
September 23, 2011

fair trade rants
September 23, 2011

decided to start looking into ethical manafacturers and retailers.
next time you’re out shopping keep these places in mind… or love life and go second hand shopping… which:
a) is good for the environment by saving energy and resources that would normally go into producing new clothes
b) recycles clothes that may have been produced unethically
c) gives money to australian and overseas charities. 
d) is cheaper than most stores
e) provides you with a unique wardrobe
fucking good deal if you ask me
anyway… this is a list of retailers that have agreed to making sure their suppliers comply with the code, award provisions and other laws relevent to the engagement of homeworkers… e.g. don’t use sweatshops (name given to factories and/or working conditions that are unsafe, give little to no pay to workers, employ child slaves and provide little to no compensation for any injuries or abuse inflicted upon workers… aka used by most chain stores to produce really cheap clothing… that’s like… totally rad and hot and shit).
pretty surprised, but happy about sportsgirl. even more ecstatic about TARGET! WOOH!
Carla Zampatti

Country Road
David Jones
General Pants
Just Jeans
Jay Jay’s,
Jacqui E,
Jeans West
Von Torska
these are some manafacturers that have also agreed to the code.
Hunter Gatherer
Jets Swimwear
Collette Dinnigan
Teena Varigos

thinking about letting go
September 19, 2011

we’re the thieves of love.
like daggers we’ve sunk
our sharp teeth
onto the wallowing abyss
of lustful misery.
arched with backbones
that drone
on the subtleties of loneliness
and hope
for freedom.
my teeth are clenched
on the smoking ghosts
of those that choked
on the colours
i’ve been searching for.
and perhaps if those colours
had made it to my chest
then i’d have known
that love is more
than scratch marks
on my back.
and perhaps if the colours
were in my cheeks
as I coughed them
into the world
then the world would have listened
to me
when I cried
when I hid
when I slept.
but tonight
with my teeth in their gums
and my mind in veins
pumping slowly around my limbs
the world seems to have
little breath left in its lungs
for a thief like me.