for you i am enough

“you said, love is touching souls.
well, surely you touched mine.
cause part of you pours out of me,
in these lines,
from time to time.”

i slipped my arms around your waste,
and my cheeks into your neck,
i closed my eyes and listened.
the music was pretty hectic around us,
and the laughter came in rushes.
but we just  continued to stand there.
locked into each other.
breathing in and out, I felt a darkness so dense and hopeful.
a darkness that felt so real
and so safe.
later we found a trail.
we laughed for a long time about the strewn hair pinning implements.
no-body really knew why
to be honest, I don’t even think we really understood why.
but the laughter was so full that it made sense.
and so we let ourselves laugh.
and dance.
and sing.
and when we got tired,
the music finally lulled us to sleep.

thirty second check in:
Day: falling asleep in mel’s bed
motions: happy. sleepy. tired. content. calm. sad
eek: singing ridiculous songs in a bed of too many.
ife: You… most definitely, you.


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