lend me your eyes

mum: what do you think about amy winehouse?
catelyn: don’t really care to be honest
mum: well they tried to make her go to rehab and she said ‘no no no’. maybe she should have gone… then she might be a-‘live live live’… on that note, i went to see ‘bad teacher’
catelyn: (silent on the end of the line trying to work out how the hell ‘bad teacher’ is even remotely related to the death of amy winehouse)
mum: it’s not as good as skins on monday night!
catelyn: you watch skins? (now trying to determine the connection between ‘bad teacher’ and skins)
mum: it’s a good program. i just laugh and laugh and laugh. the last episode was about how a girl came to school and told the principal she hadn’t been to school because she’d spent the past few years in rehab being treated for stress! (pisses self laughing)
catelyn: (gives up)


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