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we haven’t rehearsed
May 30, 2011

“most men lead lives of quiet desperation”


carry on
May 15, 2011

i have a friend who’s made a list of things she wants to do.
it’s not the typical ‘before i die’ list…
it’s a ‘things i’m afraid of’ list…
and she plans to do 365 things on the list.
and the thing i love about the list isn’t that i’ve had savage input into the list… or anything like that.
it’s because she made the list for her.
she’s not doing it because someone told her to.
she’s not doing it because it will get her As.
she’s not doing it to brag to her friends.
she’s doing it because she wants to… for her.
for no-one else but her.
yet, at the same time, the list is blissfully selfless.
i suppose… people don’t need to stop doing things for them-selves..
they just need to start doing things that matter for them-selves.
and i guess there isn’t enough of that in the world.