the gaps in my rib cage

i was showed the wonders of a truly beautiful poet last night.
her words and passion… just keep playing through my mind.
mel so shakily explained in the car today that she at first didn’t want to share the poet.
and although i understood why she didn’t want to,
i didn’t understand fully until just a few minutes ago…
when i googled the poet… reading a part of her bio, i came across the words
“gibson is not gentle with her truths”

we are so often fed bullshit.
mind games.
lacks of truth.
when we stumble upon non gentle truths…
when we come across someone like gibson, who wants only to shout her beliefs to the world.
who wants to get up on stages, and give each piece of herself to her audience in the most lyrical and beautiful way possible…
who will scream, laugh, smile… to convey every feeling and emotion her body owns…
and does it by means of giving the complete, un-fucked, non-gentle truth…
when we do stumble upon these truths,
we are exposed to such a rare miracle.

by showing me that poet,
she was sharing with me that rare miracle.
she was sharing truth.
in its least gentle form


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