it had to be

i have an obsession with sunsets.
more so than my obsession with stars.
which is truly saying something.
each and every night i find a fucking amazing light show when i look past the eastern side of our property.
and almost every night i’ll bolt outside to take a photo.
my dad, at first, hated it.
it would always be his camera i used (it takes better quality photos).
standard flash on. auto setting. auto focus.
basically, i’d do little to no work in actually lining these shots up.
and i’d take close to twenty every single night.
and at first he hated it.
last summer… he hated it.
these days… both mum and dad will alert me when there is a beautiful sunset.
they’re so used to me bolting up to the bedroom now, that they won’t ask questions.
occasionally they’ll come out and join me as i snap up endless amounts of sunset photos.
and to be honest, there’s no point to the photos i’ve taken.
i think i’ll get prints of them one of these days.
but until then, i hope you enjoy these as much as i did when i took them.
no editing on any of them.


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