over and over

“we arrived. we got a good camp site. we put our tent up. it was crooked. we fixed it. we napped.
friends arrived. they put their tents up. some were crooked. some were good. some broke.
we laughed. we said stupid things. we ate stupid food. we drank stupid drinks. we met stupid people.
we moshed. we were hit on. we were lifted into the air. we were squashed. we were screaming. we were meters away from our favourite musicians.
we slept. we woke up too early. we went to bed cold and woke up hot. we smelt bad. we put dreads and plaits and beads in our hair. we wore bindis and smiles.
we squinted into the sun. we protected ourselves with free sunscreen. we squinted into the stars. we protected ourselves from the big questions catelyn would pose about them.
we hugged. we felt each other up. we kissed. we shocked each other. we fell on each other. we climbed on each other. we held each other.
we ran. we walked. we sat. we stood. we balanced. we looked into the eyes of people who may remember a feeling but would not remember our faces.
and we said all of these things were okay. because.
we tried not to judge and we felt acceptance. we helped people in need and we weren’t afraid to ask for help. we held onto a gaze and let it meant what we wanted it to mean. we felt the fear but we turned it into excitement. we sang and didn’t mind if our voices broke. we cried and didn’t mind if our hearts broke. we held hands and felt the strength of each other.

we were free.

for those few days, we were free”



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