“the art of Guere and Wobe (the guerre and wobo) people is stylistically connected and both groups are often collectively referred to as We, meaning ‘men who easily forgive.’ ”

perhaps that’s what a ‘wobo’ is. not a creature like a womble. more so, a creation. a form of art created inside of us, that if trapped, means we cannot forgive. we cannot forget. 
the spring wobo: the quick forgiveness… moving on easily.
the summer wobo: the passionate forgiveness… done only for outcomes
the winter wobo: the hardest type of forgiveness… moving on, but with sadness (the sign of a truly deep connection)
and lastly the autumn wobo: the mysterious forgiveness… the kind you can’t quite pin down.

ed, i hope you enjoyed my thorough research into our new fantasy world. i don’t think anyone else will quite understand what the fuck i’m going on about.
cock of the crow?


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