it’s not a nice after thought

story: a boy told a camera crew that while he was running through the jungle to escape the army raids in Congo, he was ‘hit by a rock’ as he desperately ran for cover.
reality: the ‘rock’ that had hit his body, was really a bullet. fired at him by soldiers his own age.
shock: the conflict in Congo has become so chaotic, that a boy easily confuses rocks and bullets

story: a woman holding her dying naked, wounded baby, cried as the people around her told her it would be okay.
reality: “how can it be fine” she screamed back at them, “my baby doesn’t even have clothing”.
shock: poverty  in Congo has become so desperate, that it is not abnormal for a mother to be screaming over her dying child.

story: an adolescent boy was lined up with other men, and told he had no choice he must be a part of the army. Any boy who refused, would be killed. The boy confessed: “if they kill, for not killing… then I must kill”
reality: it has been proven that children and teenagers are far better soldiers in war stricken areas. Not because of their skills and abilities as soldiers, (although this is the case in some instances), but because they have ‘nothing to live for’.
shock: peace  in Congo has become so hopeless, that children no longer have ‘anything to live for’.


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