never seen before

today I was talking to one of my closest friends about what she does every evening.
we listed all the things she could possibly do, yet she still couldn’t seem to figure out what she really DID do every evening.
and thinking about it more, I realised how similar to my attempts at recollecting my activities as a young girl.
to be honest I don’t remember what I used to do with my time.
I remember when I was thirteen I used to watch this show.
‘Jane and the Dragon’.
yes, okay, I admit it was up there on my favourite t.v shows list.
Despite being thirteen at the time.
and anyway, the opening tune would always get stuck in my head, but it went so quick that I couldn’t get the lyrics properly.
as no-one had actually written the lyrics on google, I took it upon myself to learn them.
I had no phone, or recording device… other than a ‘recorder pen’.
basically, I pen that would record 30 seconds of sound.
each evening I would record 30 seconds of the tune, until I learnt the entire opening tune.
it amazes me that I ever had the time and patience to be so dedicated to something that had no point to it, other than to make me happy.
I think I have a lot of respect for the girl I used to be.
so here, in the middle of studying for four exams,
I wrote up the lyrics to a pointless show, in a pointless blog… for the sake of doing something pointless.

“there once was a lady in waiting,
let’s call her Jane.
that girl wasn’t ordinaryyy-
(Jane singing)
‘no way for me! A lady stuck in waiting?
I’d rather battle, fire breathing dragons!
I knew I could prove that a girl could be a knight,
but my friends all laughed at me…
BUT, I wouldn’t be discouraged,
and trained in secret,
then the dragon-pinched-the-royal-prince and everyone-was-freaking,
so I went along, to the dragons ho-ome
to slay the dragon!’
hey now, hey now now,
Jane and the dragon are best friends now,
‘the dragon, he, he let me see the young prince,
then the king, made me a knight apprentice’
hey now, hey now now
‘with the dragon’s help, I’ll be a knight… somedayyy”

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