BE MINE… an expression that I once interpreted as the act of ‘having’. The act of possessing another. It is possible though, as stubborn as I’d like to be about it, that perhaps it means more than just taking or having… something more. See we live in a world. Obviously, we live in a world, literally. A little earth that sits in the universe, spinning and spinning. A place where things grow. Where people live and change. Where stories happen. But we also have our own worlds. Our stories… we are those people who do the living. We do the growing and the giving. And each of our ‘own little world’. In moments we can be in our own world; absorbed by our story, our growing… our changing. However, in moments we can invite another to be it. Not to have it or consume it, but to be it. so the expression… or perhaps the invitation: BE MINE… becomes this concept of being. See by someone saying that you are ‘theirs’… the worlds shift. yours becomes theirs, and theirs becomes yours. in terms of ‘taking’… they do not take you…. they take up your world…. the living… the growing… the changing… and in this state, you are in a state of just being. Basically… it’s the merging of two cliché statements… and making them mean something. I’m not entirely sure what that means… but basically, it’s what I want


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