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think of time
November 30, 2010

dear God,
thank you for turning our sunsets
into sunrises


November 28, 2010

“this is how the wind changes,

i was lying on the grass, music was playing and although everyone was moving and talking and dancing it felt as if the whole world was still.

and then the wind came, but it wasn’t really wind, it was warm and soft and playful. i should have been cold, it was pretty late, but i wasn’t… it was perfect. at the risk of sounding like a dickhead I will say that there was something magic in that wind, i think it was change. it felt as if the wind was dancing, it was filled with something special and I was there breathing it in. i could feel this wind filling my lungs.

and when I sat up and looked around me it felt as if the whole world had shifted, just a tiny bit. i looked around and wondered if anyone else had noticed, but they were too busy, dancing and talking and moving.. it made me wonder how many times I am too busy to feel the wind”

God sent me a miracle when he sent me you

a story
November 28, 2010

tom: i need to know you’re not going to wake up in the morning and feel differently about me
summer: i can’t give you that. no-one can.

music from our minds
November 28, 2010

say it aint so,
i will not go
turn the lights off,
carry me home

and right now
November 27, 2010

“she likes to be shown things… and you like to find them”

wondering through
November 27, 2010

‘open your mind’
it’s been forced down my throat for as long as i can remember.
so much so that is now intensely cliche.
so where was it?
where was the lesson that told us to stop focussing on our minds,
and instead
open our hearts.
where the hell was that lesson?

i become
November 27, 2010

i am all in a sea of wonders. i doubt; i fear; i think strange things, which I dare not confess to my own soul.
– bram stoker

you colour my eyes red
November 27, 2010

you: I’m a uni student… I’ll be okay.
me: I wasn’t aware ‘being okay’ was a pre-requisite for uni courses these days. I better get to that.

i can’t really remember the rest of that conversation.
but about three days later, at 2am, you added to it.
I guess… I guess, yeah I was really tired at the time.
my phone is usually off.
and I’m usually asleep at 2 in the morning.
but I guess I was searching for something.
I just wasn’t really aware of it at the time.

you: it’s a pre-requisite for life

all our tomorrows
November 25, 2010

“i had a paint box
but it didn’t have the colour red
for the blood of the wounded
nor white
for the hearts and faces of the dead

It didn’t have yellow either
for the burning sands of the desert

Instead it had orange
for the dawn and the sunset
and blue
for new skies
and pink
for the dreams of young people

I sat down
and I painted peace”

-a prayer by a ten year old from Latin America

November 25, 2010