there was once a lung and a heart

there once was a girl sitting in her maths class. It was the first time since the beginning of the term that her friend had not tried to convince her to avoid/wag the maths class. after making no progress on their work, they plugged a headphone in each ear and half listened to the teacher who explained t-tests. it was funny because she knew that her friend would pick it up that evening, within 5 minutes of studying… and she knew that she herself, would probably not understand it now that she hadn’t listened.  but she didn’t seem to care. at one point, her friend turned to her and started talking about something. the girl heard every word. comprehended every word. but did not seem to understand what her friend was going on about. yet, at the same time she still felt the power of every word, and the true connection that you find entwined throughout conversation. it was in that instance, in that maths class, sitting there, that the girl realised just how much she loved her friend.

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