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all children
September 19, 2010

Dear world… I went to a meeting yesterday. Children Consultative Council. I had to give a presentation at one point about thinking global, which was okay. On a whole, the meeting was pretty mellow and cruisy, at times even slightly boring. But at the centre of what we were discussing was the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).
Basically it’s a list of 54 rights that every child in the world is entitled to.
It was pretty straight forward.
A right to nutritious food, a home, water etc.
I read further… and I came across Article 8
“Governments should respect children’s right to a name, a nationality and family ties”a name…
it’s a right to have a name.
in article 8…
it dawned on me that for this to be a right, or something to be considered by the UN, it would have to be a problem.
that children out there, who suffer so much more than I do, may not even have this right, outlined in article 8, being met.
And on this note of… suffering. I continued reading on. All of the articles… all 54, have been met (either now or in the past) in my life.
I’m not trying to say my life has been a song full of kittens and daisies,
but just having my 54 rights maintained throughout my life… is enough to make me feel… so lucky… almost to the point of selfishness.
Particularly because of Article 24:
“you have the right to good quality health care and to clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that you can stay healthy. Rich countries should help poorer countries achieve this”and I can almost guess that you picked up on the end of this article.
rich countries should help poorer countries.
see in article 24, it gives those children who live in oppressive countries the RIGHT to receive help from us.
if you minimize… from country to country, to child to child:
by doing nothing… I’d be denying another child from their right to be helped.
there are some things that are so much bigger than my own problems in this world.
I think I forget that sometimes.


September 18, 2010

claire showed me a band today… basically, they’re amazing
“i wish your mind was more like your heart
nailed shut”

first gleams of dawn
September 17, 2010

“let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart” proverbs 3:3

the faithfulness and love has been hanging around my neck for years now. from time to time it gets so hot i feel it burn. in the absolute best way possible.

i’ve hung a wish on every star
September 15, 2010

“shh… if you listen hard you can hear it.”

three and a half years ago while I was on a school camp, my class was taken out into a cleared out area on a clear evening.
the area, of gravel… was surrounded completely by bush and scrub.
we were asked to stop.
to turn off our flashlights, and take our places, laying on the gravel.
once everyone was laying on their backs, we realised why were there.
with no light for kilometers and kilometers away, all we could see was the light from the stars.
“I’m not so great with astronomy… but what you’re looking at, all the way up there… that’s the past”
our camp guide, stopped for a moment as we pondered his words, “stars are not as we see them now. because it takes so long for the light to travel, we see only the past as we look up into the sky”.
that year, I won my first ever national public speaking competition.
and at that time, I was so caught up in the awe and amazement of prizes and trophies, that the words I’d spoken, to win, were forgotten.
until now… when I was looking at my ceiling, and realised how much the shade around my light, looks like the moon.
and how small I feel in comparison to all the beautiful things that are up there in the sky.
I’d spoken of that moment, out on the gravel, in my speech,
but I’d never understood its significance in my life until now.

“shhh… if you listen hard you can hear it… the sound of what we all hope for,  what people work for, and what politicians fight for. if you listen hard, you can hear the sound, of peace”

so sweet
September 15, 2010

It has yet to be proven that intelligence has any survival value.
-Arthur C. Clarke

just a brain in a body
September 14, 2010

endings: The fleeting mortality of everything. The inevitability of death. Life comes alive because of death. 

It’s odd… I’ve always told myself to truly appreciate life.
always… there are so many beautiful moments.
and it scared me… how sudden death is.
we can live for so long. Already I have lived 17 years.
but my death may only take a moment of seconds.
and I suppose… it always scared me
I recently read ‘before I die’… which is basically a book made up of moments.
tiny moments… big moments…
everything… everything that is life, are moments.
and death… is just another moment in our lives.
or so I had thought.
the girl in the book is dying.
and the whole time, she records her moments.
slowly they get shorter, as she grows weaker.
those moments slowly disappear. And every moment she had ever had, build up to that one moment where she dies.
and it’s funny, because it changed my view… see, like many people before me have said, we are dying from the moment we are born.
tessa, the girl in the book, was dying… the whole time I was reading that book.
but me… I’m also dying.
As I type this blog my moments are limited.
I don’t know when I will die… or how.
but basically life and death is simultaneous.
to die is to end our life… but this process of death happens from the very moment we are created.
in a moment we were created and in a moment we will end.
but that is what makes everything so beautiful.

you are
September 14, 2010

“and all the troubles in the world were simply snowflakes, all unique, all drifting along to the same swirling currents of the wind. All of the just inviting us to stop taking them so seriously and dance and play around in them.”

the colours of confusion
September 14, 2010

renee and i have a communal blog.
feel free to check it out…
sadly it’s a tumblr blog.
we tried making it on worpress ages ago and it seriously failed.
feel free to follow us though (for all you tumblr losers)
i’m insanity and she is colour… for future referencing so you dont get confused

September 14, 2010

this film clip seems so much sexier than what i recall from my six year old memories.
wow haha

talks over dinner
September 14, 2010

mum: eat well now… for tomorrow we may die
me: WHAT!?
dad: that was pleasant of you darling.

she is so right… but at the time, we just laughed about it.