‘whatever works’… be wary of spoilers

“that’s why I can’t say enough times, whatever love you can get and give, whatever happiness you can filch or provide, every temporary measure of grace… whatever works.”

It was one of the most bizarre movies I have watched.
(what could you expect from a woody allen movie)
the characters… were all really glossed up and fake, to the point where you didn’t like any of them
the storyline hardly went anywhere
none of the characters connected with any other character
and it went against about 90% of my beliefs…
yet it has been one of my favourite films.
I wouldn’t have had a lot of tolerance for it if lots of people hadn’t recommended it.
and to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, unless I knew that they had a lot of tolerance when it came to movies.
but it was truly amazing in its own qualities.
more or less… it’s about bullshit.
and I put it so bluntly, because the movie in essence, is really really blunt.
the whole time, you feel like someone is rubbing sandpaper on your skin.
I hated all the characters… and thus I couldn’t find any happiness in the film.
there were no climaxes.
no resolutions.
it was basically like the election this year.
where every alternative was the lesser of two evils.
I didn’t like that melody left her husband… but at the same time I didn’t like her husband.
and I hated that the movie had this cynical undertone.
but as it was stated in the opening part of the film,
if I wanted to ‘feel good’ I would be better off getting a foot massage.
the movie was slamming every other movie that tries to tell us what to believe. The characters were all fakely trying to convince us that they had found happiness.
when life isn’t like that.
instead of being a brutally honest movie… it was brutally fake… and thus it made me uncomfortable and nauseated the whole way through.
yet at the same time I was compelled to understand it.
the movie is called ‘whatever works’… and the main character just keeps plowing through the film saying ‘whatever works’…
and I think that’s why the movie is so hard to watch.
everything is so inadequate. We ourselves, often feel inadequate. But we still work.
and if we ‘work’… we can keep moving.
if something works, and you have a need for it… then why not use it?
if an alternative comes along… and it works for you… then why not take the chance?
it’s not a way of ‘living’ your life… it’s a way of dealing with it
‘whatever works’…

“all I know is that nothing moves faster than the speed of light, so you may as well relax.”


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