we make believe it’s real

“what if… what if everything we ever imagined… was really true. But we just didn’t know it… what if we knew more than we thought we did?”
“i like that”

she’s one of my best friends.
the other night… i was down.
and I could barely think straight.
it took her three words to make me sit up out of bed.
she didn’t know I was curled up in bed.
and she didn’t know I was sad.
‘the time is now’
was all her message said.
‘the time is now’.
and I told her everything.
and she came to see me, straight after school yesterday.
see the funny thing is, is that I feel like a nemo egg when I’m around her.
you know the moment in Finding Nemo where marlin has nemo as an egg in his fins.
and he rolls him around gently and tells him he’s safe….
she makes me feel like a baby nemo egg rolling around in her fins.
almost like she’s saying ‘don’t be silly catelyn… you’re not falling, because I wouldn’t let you fall’.

singing and skipping through the park
our usual ‘how many sauces do you want ruby?’ routine… where we sneakily stealth out 5 sachets
laying on our backs at rectango listening to the music and talking about deep things
daydreaming about our futures… our baby willow
her giving me her somewhat dodgy predictions… that funnily enough, seem to come true.
finishing each other’s sentences
breaking into song
and our stupid schemes…

seriously… one day ruby and I will fearlessly tackle this world.
and until that day… life is merely preparation.


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