my infinity withers

“I liked your thoughts on vulnerability. I think you’re right: the human experience is unavoidably vulnerable. I wonder if that has something to do with the fact that none of us are who we want o be exactly. I think vulnerability is something to do with powerlessness. The word comes from the Latin vulnerare and essentially means ‘to be wounded’. And so we are all vulnerable because we are all susceptible to being wounded – physically, of course we are vulnerable, because we are masses of soggy matter that are liable to fall to pieces at the infliction of simple attacks. Emotionally we are vulnerable too because we each seem to carry a far that we are not good enough, and every insult or blunder or trip-in-the-street seem to hint at the confirmation that we are, indeed, pathetic beings. However, we do have some power, some ability to protect ourselves: we are able to pretend… alas; while these pretences can protect us from hurt, they also seem to deprive us of the ability to be known truly.”

i assure you, when i read this letter i was deeply in shock
of the power and… insecurity of every word that was placed on the page.
i would never blog the private feelings that were shared,
but trust me when i say this,
his letter, changed parts of my heart.


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