So I gave my sister this book once.
it had little quotes throughout it. with birds illustrating the quotes.
she’d left it up here in bridport, and so as I hunted for a glue stick, I found it.
I looked through the pages and wrote down quotes I loved.
there were some bloody amazing ones.
but my favourite was this one:
“just when I’d got life sorted out”
alone… it doesn’t sound pretty special,
but the illustrations are spread over two pages.
on the first page a bird is raking together some leaves.
on the second page, another bird has come along and happily danced through the leaves, tossing them up in the air.
i guess… sometimes we get so caught up in raking. Fitting everything back together. Organizing our life into a nice little bundle, that we forget what it means to stop and just dance.
people come into our lives to mess the leaves around a bit. And just have a bit of fun

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