cause i’m looking for my friend

Another person I got close on camp with was allen.
most of you would know him.
he has a reputation for being a bit weird.
so me, being me, went in with this mind-set that he was dangerously intelligent and arrogant.
he’d brought along these puzzles with him to camp.
one for every day.
and among our chats and conversations, I’d be messing with these puzzles.
a couple of people managed to un-crack them.
but not me.
not a single one. I actually momentarily broke one.
and he had to spend a significant amount of time fixing it.
but even though I couldn’t solve them,
he never laughed at me. Or got impatient with me asking if I could have a go solving them.
it was very obvious that I lacked the intelligence that most of the people there had.
and I don’t mean that in a ‘woe is me’ way.
but I truly am more of a creative person.
I’m good at media interviews… and speeches.
but I’ve never had the intellectual capacity that these guys had.
I got so nervous when I’d speak.
but after every single time, he’d shoot me a compliment.
not in an ‘I love you’ way.
but just in an encouraging way.
and after a couple of bills had been, he’d realised that I almost always voted for the bill.
and to have someone actually notice me,
and encourage me,
and not laugh at me like most people did.
well, it put a new image of him in my head.
at the end of the camp, when parents came to collect their sons and daughters,
I was left trying to scrape a lift. I wasn’t the only one, but everyone else seemed to have been offered lifts.
except me.
and the one person who guaranteed me a lift, was the very person I’d been nervous about spending a whole week with.
sometimes i love when i’m wrong.
maybe one day i’ll learn.

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