End of term…
and I guess, following the patterns of the beginning of last term, I wanted to summarise the past few months.
Oaktree Foundation became a branch, my application for the Tasmanian ambassador for National Youth Week was accepted, I flew to Melbourne. Stevens came third in House Performance. Little Oaks got the all clear, it will be running soon enough. Meetings for the NYW steering committee. 40 hour famine… and Live below the Line. LBL actually happened. Andrew McMasters from Eddie Rice came to Collegiate; the initial meeting had over 25 people attending… he only needed 8 for the homework tuition group… Collegiate will now have a partnership with Eddie Rice. I passed my exams… including maths. I organised and ran my first ever fundraiser. I wrote my first ever bill (with Sarah and Ally), to be passed through ‘Youth Parliament’. The group that Serena, Mel and I started finally saw a session that had over 10 people in attendance. I signed up for Global Poverty Project.

These next few are memories or moments:
 I opened up to a group of people.
A group of people opened up to me.
‘Quotes of the day’ started.
 We threw Serena a surprise party.
I judged a character before I knew her.
I started to get to know the character that I had judged.
Mavis/Annabelle moved in.
Bonfire night held many entertaining episodes.
And I spent so much quality time with quality people.

I’m not really sure what to say… other than this year so far has been fucking amazing. I tend to get a bit nostalgic when I pack my room up… to say the least. It’s been a good term though. Third will be even more full on. So many goodbyes. So many opportunities to be stressed. We will see how we go. Bring on nerd camp first though. I can’t wait.


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