lamingtons and fishtale braids

Sophia and I were talking today “Do you still live in the boarding house?” she asked. I indicated a ‘yes’ by nodding back to her.
“you could always live with me” she replied cheerfully. And she said it so casually that it seemed almost awkward for me not to laugh.
“we have three spare rooms… my mum would love you.” she added, in a slightly more serious tone. “and you could hang out with Duncan all the time” she finally added, joking at last.
still, I couldn’t believe what she was saying.
and I’m still in shock hours after.
sure… people have asked me to live with them before. Either joking… or they’re my close friends offering their house up for a while.
but the thing I loved about her offer, was that it was so casual. As thought she’d just asked if I wanted to borrow her book. If she was being serious, it was because she didn’t see it as a big deal. Neither do I really, which I guess is why I haven’t stopped thinking about it.

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