i’ll believe it all

Dear you.
you’re not the first person I’ve ever had feelings for.
I’ve had feelings for a lot of people.
you know that.
anyone who knows me, knows that.
but you’re the first person (with regards to ‘feelings’), I’ve ever made myself vulnerable to.
see, we’ve been friends for so long now.
funny how we became friends eh?
you… well you’re the first person ever, to drive me to admit my feelings, in person.
face to face.
without any reason.
it was the first time, I was the first to say ‘I like you’
you’ve made it on to my ‘first’ list.
the list of first experiences.
and I’m glad it was you.
and not some other tosser.
you wrote this…
and it made me think when I read it.
it made me think, that someday I’d love to make it to a list of yours.

“I love how we are,
I love that you’re the first person that I text when I have had a shit day, or something amazing has happened.
You understand me, and that is a very rare thing to come across these days.”

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