if you don’t know what it is

I have this routine.
At 9:30ish I have my evening shower.
Every night.
I wash my hair every second night.
So I get in the shower.
Have my shower.
Then when I get out of the shower, I first squeeze all the water out of my hair, to the right side of my shoulder.
Then I shake it with my fingers, then squeeze it again.
Then, I give it a towel dry.
In order of drying: Hair, back, arms, legs, stomach.
I get dressed, I walk back to my room, I toss my towel into my basket and get on with the rest of my evening.
I do this every night.
Virtually the same thing every night.
The funny thing is, is that this is the way it happens.
Every single night.
I’m not one for routines. I hate routines.
I never make schedules, because I know they are pointless.
I never stick to them anyway
I’m an inconsistent person.
Actually, to be honest I rarely know what to expect from myself.
I get stuff done, but I get it done when I feel like getting it done.
I’m always making my dead-lines flexible… because… I never stick to them.
So having this thing… this one thing I do, every single night without fail…. Makes me almost comforted.
I guess you could say that I put a bit of dependence on it.

It’s weird how upset I get if I accidentally leave my towel in my room.

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