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lamingtons and fishtale braids
August 31, 2010

Sophia and I were talking today “Do you still live in the boarding house?” she asked. I indicated a ‘yes’ by nodding back to her.
“you could always live with me” she replied cheerfully. And she said it so casually that it seemed almost awkward for me not to laugh.
“we have three spare rooms… my mum would love you.” she added, in a slightly more serious tone. “and you could hang out with Duncan all the time” she finally added, joking at last.
still, I couldn’t believe what she was saying.
and I’m still in shock hours after.
sure… people have asked me to live with them before. Either joking… or they’re my close friends offering their house up for a while.
but the thing I loved about her offer, was that it was so casual. As thought she’d just asked if I wanted to borrow her book. If she was being serious, it was because she didn’t see it as a big deal. Neither do I really, which I guess is why I haven’t stopped thinking about it.


words fall through me
August 30, 2010

the moods that take me and erase me,
and i’m painted black

but you’d always wanna know, what i was about
August 29, 2010

Walking like a one man army
Fighting with the shadows in your head

understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few, you should hold on
August 29, 2010

i just read this:
“never give up on someone you can’t go a day without”…
and it made me sad.
not because i’ve ‘
given up on someone i can’t go a day without’,
i mean everyone has done it at least once in their lives right?
it was because i realised how often i force independence upon myself.
a long time ago i posted a blog saying that it’s dangerous placing your happiness on people, as they are the most impermanent things we could possibly depend on…
and i suppose to some extent, i’m quite good at avoiding clinginess.
yet, up until now i’d never seen it as a bad thing.
i made a list in my head of all the people i love.
and narrowed it to the people i’d die for.
and lastly, those people, the beautiful individuals who i’d never give up on, even if they deliberately hurt me.

and to be honest… i wish all three lists were longer.
i guess there’s still time.

i want to go home
August 29, 2010

sometimes when i’m reading blogs,
and people direct their blog to ‘you’,
i pretend they really are writing it to me.
most of the time, i could definitely conclude that they really aren’t actually writing it to me,
but it’s fun to pretend i was apart of memories and events that i can’t recall.

blue green gold
August 29, 2010

global warming does not exist

“We will always have climate extremes. But it looks like climate change is exacerbating the intensity of the extremes” – Omar Baddour

without love, intellect is poverty
August 28, 2010

But when the strong were too weak to hurt the weak, the weak had to be strong enough to leave.
-The Unbearable Lightness of Being

and your smell will evade me
August 26, 2010

it was a hopeful kind of sad. the kind of sad that just takes time. – The perks of being a wallflower

i’ve always loved that quote.

a moment of love, even in a bad man, can give meaning to a life
August 26, 2010

“it’s shit. it’s like one of those infomercials with African kids with swollen bellies and flies in their eyes. see here i’ve got dead mothers, i’ve got severed limbs, but it’s ‘nothing new’. sure, it might make some people cry if they read it, maybe even write a cheque. but it’s not going to be enough to make it stop! i’m sick of writing about victims but it’s all I can fucking do.”–Blood Diamond

For the 40 hour famine this year, Ruby and I decided to do the 8 MGD challenge.
1. Eradicate Poverty and hunger – we gave up food
2. Achieve Universal Primary Education – we limited ourselves to talking with only 60 different words (to demonstrate a basic vocabulary)
3. Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women – we wore capes
4. Reduce Child Mortality – each hour we took one thousand steps to represent the amount of children who died in that hour.
5. Maternal Health – we took care of ‘cloth’ babies
6. Combat HIV aids and other preventable diseases – we chose to bind our hands together, to represent the effects of tuberculosis, and the limitation that any disease can place upon a person.
7. Ensure environmental sustainability – reduced water restrictions
8. Develop a Global Partnership – We tied ourselves together

not all of these MGDs were held throughout the 40 hours.
we decided that instead of having them continuously run throughout the full 40, we would steadily drop an MGD after a set time.
this sort of represented that we had ‘accomplished’ or ‘solved’ that particular MGD.
I kept my cloth baby (Margaret for the full 40).
I’m not going to lie; some of the MGDs were really hard.
Some were maybe even too hard.
MGD number 2 was difficult in the sense that very few people understood what we were trying to say.
It was as much as a communication difficulty as it was a problem with people listening in the right way.
I guess it made me realise how lucky I was.
We had Jem come into do his Global Poverty Project presentation, and I was happily reading words on each of the slides that exceeded our ‘word budget’ by dozens.
I’ve never realised how damn lucky I am to know how to speak, how to write and how to read.

and of course there was MGD number 4.
which I admit, we had fun with in the first time we did it.
we walked around the room ‘humming’ numbers until we reached 100, knowing that if we reached that spot, we would have done 100 steps. This meant we just had to reach the spot ten times and we were set.
so we galloped and walked around happily.
thinking very little about the MGD itself.
The second time… was a little different.
after a five minute communication session with Ruby (we were still on word limitations), we decided to let the moment impact us a bit.
We didn’t agree on silence, just on impact.
Yet, when we started walking… and started thinking about each child that had died, with every step we took…silence sort of became inevitable.
No sound… no noise… no word on our list could explain that feeling of children dying.
some die in wars and other conflicts, however some died from diseases that have affected them since they were born.
suffering from the moment they open their eyes, until the moment they close them.
as I continued to walk the room… well let’s just say that it did ‘impact’ me.
we did it once more, the steps (3 times in total).
we dropped it the earliest, yet it was the one that I remember the best.

the rest of the evening was uneventful,
I woke up horrified in the morning to see that I had accidentally began to use Margaret as a pillow.
Ruby also accidentally blurted out “THAT’S A FACEBOOK PHOTO FOR SURE!”
but nothing could compare to the steps we took. Not even the effects of the famine.
eventually we dropped them all, ruby continued her water restrictions for the full 40 hours,
I kept my baby.
so that was my famine.
it was hard,
but I’d say it was the best famine I’ve ever done.

i look up
August 25, 2010

this is for you:
(i pissed myself laughing when i saw it)