i have a feeling you’ll read this

Dear complete stranger,

today I woke up with a headache. I immediately checked my emails, see I sent out a business proposal to one hundred businesses last night and I was eager to see if any had replied. They hadn’t. Went to drama, got my exam results back – average. At lunch time, sitting amongst my group I realised that for some unknown reason, I couldn’t bear being around them. And as I left the common room I remember thinking ‘act happy’, because, (although it sounds sorta nuts) I don’t want to let myself become really boring and obsessed with schoolwork. I went up to the matron/kate, and because I board she allowed me to go to my room where I slept for the remainder of lunch. End of the day… no responses from any of the businesses. No results from maths – which I have undoubtedly failed. And I’m so tired… my brain feels like it is imploding, took some painkillers (which I only do when I absolutely HAVE to, as I get headaches once or twice a week) and logged on… to see this… your comment:

Hi, you don’t know me. Which could be kind of weird, seeing as though it’s practically like I am stalking you reading this. But I was given your blog by Renee about four months ago, and your’s is the first I click onto everytime I come on the computer, which sadly enough is everyday, Your so inspiring you seem to take all my thoughts straight out of my mouth.. or fingers, whatever you would call it. I thought it was about time I said Hello and that I admire everything you do. There should be more people in the world like you. Love Ellie, x

it wasn’t weird for you to say that, even though you’re a stranger… but me? Inspirational? Me, admirable? To be honest… not in comparison to you… this comment was one of the most inspirational things I have read all week… and believe me, that’s saying something. You didn’t HAVE to write it. furthermore you didn’t have to post it. and you didn’t have to incorporate heaps of ways to say really amazing things. But you did. don’t you think that this is far more admirable, than ANY of the measly blogs I posted? THIS is what the world should be about. You reminded me that even when I’m tired and moody… I can’t give up. Ever.
So thankyou, stranger/ellie…
it meant a lot to me

Kindest Regards,



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