everyone else?

On the phone to Ruby tonight.

Catelyn: In one of the reunion photos you look really really worried about me. It’s kind of cute.
Ruby: Wait… What? Haha what are you going on about?
Catelyn: the photos where you look concerned! RUBY, THE LAUNCH/REUNION ONES!
Ruby: Ohhhhhh. (Speaking really fast) I-look-really-concerned-in-all-of-them-and-in-one-of-them-where-we-are-talking-i-have-every-right-to-look-worried-because-you-look-HORRIBLE!
Catelyn: Thanks Urby

Catelyn: I have an interview on Tuesday… wanna give me some practice questions
Ruby: Okay… what sort of questions?
Catelyn: Something REALLY hard that would be almost impossible for me to answer!
Ruby: Okay! (pause) what planet best describes your personality and why. (pause) in fifty words or less.

texting later on

Ruby: That’s such a nice idea! I like it a lot! Good girl! :) do it soon :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Catelyn: Haha so many smiles in that message! =)
Ruby: I know! They kind of lose significance after three :) :) :) they become all blurry. But is laughter not the blur of a smile?

you’re the first person I’ve met to say that laughter is the blur of a smile… everyone else will usually say that smiles are the blurs of laughter… everyone else… well I guess you’re just not everyone else eh?

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