to overcome the cold

you know what pisses me off about body image campaigns? It’s that the government sends out to all the youth groups in Australia information about how they’re now ‘labeling when a model is photo-shopped’ and stuff… yeah, that’s really going to solve the problem. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel like shit because there is a ‘pretty model’ in a beauty magazine. I feel like shit, because there are pretty girls everywhere I go. Is the Australian government going to wipe out all the naturally pretty girls? No matter what, we’ll never be satisfied with our bodies. Even our prime minister isn’t happy with her body. Not because some model looked really pretty, but because she has been trained to believe that appearances get us further than admirable qualities like intelligence and dignity. I want to see THAT plastered in beauty magazines. I want to see the models holding signs saying ‘there are bigger issues than how pretty i am’. Not little captions that say ‘this girl has been photo-shopped, because this new-improved-image will sell this product faster than her normally-average body’.

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