let’s laugh in the face of death while we are still blessed

why do i talk so much?
i’m always talking.
31 views yesterday.
on this.
this piece of crap blog that isn’t getting me any further in life.
how many blogs do you post catelyn?
107 in the past what…. month?
why do you post so much?
you’re too afraid to say it to everyone’s face aren’t you.
no… that’s not it.
more like ‘you feel like you’re boring when you say this to they’re face. that when you blog you’re entitled to say whatever you want because people choose whether or not they want to read it, therefore you can say whatever you like’
news flash catelyn, as soon as you type your thoughts out… they aren’t thoughts anymore.
people are still entitled to judge you.
people are still allowed to make their comments.
you can’t hide from that.
why do you post so much catelyn?

because it makes me feel better?

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