you’ll always have a part of me

My dad isn’t really the crying type.
I remember a few times of seeing him cry actually.
one time he shed a few tears after reading my school report in year 8.
another time was when I first time showed him a speech I’d written on the Nurses of World War One.
another time was at my grandma’s funeral.
another was when my sister grace moved out of home. And furthermore, when I did too.
but the time that stands out to me the most is when Barack Obama was elected president.
I came into his room, to see him laying on his bed, propped up watching the election, with tears streaming down his face.
At the time… I didn’t understand why he was crying. I was happy that Obama had been elected, truly I was. But not enough to cry.
Actually, it wasn’t until History this semester that I began to fully understand.
See, I was pretty ignorant toward the situation in America.
Now, I’ve realised why Dad was crying.
He was crying because the population of America had reached the same realization that I had reached this year.
That they had a strong need for a president who actually cared.
I never understood the significance of a largely capitalist nation rallying behind a leader like Obama, saying ‘We Want Change’.
Now I do. Simple as that.
And I’m glad I came to that realization in the shower, because it made me realise how alike my Dad I am.


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