i was looking at these bizarre profile pictures you have tonight.
in one of them you have that bloody panda hat of yours.
and as i was looking through some more of  your photos, i reached one where you were munching on an apple.
and i couldn’t help but break into a smile.
such a typical ‘you’ photo.
i remember one of the days where we hit the park, you were completely bare foot, sporting your car keys, a tie dyed shirt and  half a bottle of juice.
‘want some?’ you offered.
i declined, but i later filled the emptied bottle up with rocks to make a form of shaker…
which you LOVED might i add
it’s weird to think we ever dated.
weird to think you ever asked me out.
weird to think i said no.
we would have worked…
but at the same time, we were happier in other places.
you were so cruisy and relaxed.
me? i’m all over the place… constantly
as much as it sucks, sometimes being fickle has its benefits.
‘i’m glad you’re happy… i really am’ i told you the other day.
and it made your day.
to me, thats better than a crummy relationship i would have screwed up.
thanks for being such a cool guy.

i’m glad we didn’t work out

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