if they read, they’ll judge… a blog that came far too late

words can’t really explain why I love this photo so much.
I don’t long to have that moment back.
we are both so happy now.
and I can almost picture you nodding in agreement as you read this.
and we have sort of managed to create something that resembles a friendship.
when I ‘look back’, I often remember all these shit times.
all the mistakes and fuck ups we made.
but we worked for a while there.
we had to have worked, because we stayed together for a bit eh?
we were happy then, but not happier than we are now.
sometimes when I’m bored, I’ll open it up and just gaze at it for a while.
it’s the only photo of us I still have on my computer.
I think I love it… because if I zoom in close
I can see that even though my lips are shaped into a kiss…
I’m smiling.
and so are you.
here’s to this mangled friendship…


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