another rant on love…

there are so many slogans that ring through society at the moment…
‘do something real’
‘a change we can believe in’
etc etc.
but little come close to being as more famous as ‘make love… not war’.
and tonight i started thinking about this statement.
war is far too easy to make…
from as little as flinging a pea with your spoon at the dinner table, to breaking promises of independence to oppressed countries; war is everywhere.
little wars… big wars… wars are made every day.
now love… love is more complicated. see to look at this statement literally ‘making love’ refers back to the birds and the bees.
but since when does the creation of love derive from sex?
at what point do we say, “yes, love has now been made, because you two have gotten down ‘n dirty”
do we ever say it?
but if this IS true… if this creation of love only relates to intercourse, then how do we excuse those that abuse it?
those who don’t play by ‘the rules’ of making love…
in their minds, weren’t they just doing what the old saying suggests?
instead of ‘making love’… they make more wars… for the people they hurt and abuse…

it’s too vague… you can’t just say ‘make love’ and leave it there.
love can’t ‘just be made’…
it isn’t pumped out of factories and sold in local markets.
it isn’t something that comes along easily…
it is earnt… it is something we learn
something we can’t just make on demand…
it’s far more liberated than we will ever be.


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