when the time gets late

sometimes I think I change because I’m addicted to it.
each morning I wake up assessing my mood; and how I wish to portray it.
one of the benefits of doing drama, is that you begin to act our your own life.
and when I start getting bored of the main character, I write in new things for her to do.
new experiences to try. I’m addicted to this obsession… this excitement of trying new things.
just the other night in the shower, I began thinking how I’d like to change schools again.
why? I just changed schools… and to some extent, I’m happy where I am.
I think I just hate being tied down to ‘what I am’ and ‘what I’m not’.
Yet at the same time, I hate the effort of trying to surprise people to keep them interested in me.
so I do stupid things.
and I think that sometimes this is my biggest problem.
I’m not afraid of boring other people.
because you can always work through problems with friends.
I think I’m afraid of boring myself.

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