I’ve made some pretty bad choices in my life.
I’m talking really dumb ‘what the fuck were you thinking?’ sort of choices.
-In prep, I wanted to sit right in front of the teacher and a boy called jake sat there instead. I went to go sit next to Tim (my childhood crush) and so Jake (seeing me) then moved; saying I could sit in front of the teacher. Little did Jake know he had left his watch in the spot. So what did I do? I stole it. Sadly, my mother found out.  As did Tim.
-And once when a teacher sat on a desk, I muttered to my friend under my breath ‘she’s sitting on the desk…. It’s gonna break!’ this wouldn’t have been so bad, if the teacher wasn’t overweight. She apparently also had really good hearing, because she proceeded to very loudly accuse me of being the worst bully in the whole of year two.
-More recently I dated two guys at the same time… Who were best friends.
-And even more recently than that I wore a pair of shoes that had no bottoms on them. In the rain. All day.
But nothing, ladies and gentlemen, could really have prepared me for the mistake I made just this weekend.

Of all the over commitments, ridiculous flings, revengeful schemes and poor judgments, this has got to be one of the stupidest things I have done.
Catelyn, what the hell have you gotten yourself into?


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