part two of the amazing day

After I got off the bus my family and I went out to dinner.
It started out how it usually does:
Catelyn is tired from bussing.
Mum is prattling on about something silly.
Grace is bagging mum out for prattling on.
Lauren laughs occasionally.
Dad just fits somewhere in between it all.
And I had began thinking to myself:
fuck, I need some form of escape route.
eventually we headed to the movies.
to watch toy story three.
It was sort of ironic you know,
sitting there watching this movie about growing up.
because obviously, my sisters and I all moved out of home fairly early;
and now grace was moving out of the country for a while.
I guess you could expect it; the whole Richards family was crying by the end of the film (except for lauren).
and in the drive home I realised that even though we’ve all split up
and we’re all doing different things,
and we don’t get along so well: I’m really proud of my family.
for the first time in a long time, I really appreciated my oldest sister, grace.
every thing she did, either gave me an example of HOW to do things or how NOT to do things.
and I’ve never really given her credit for that.
I joined FEWCHA because of her, and I listen to most of my music because of her.
I became a vegetarian for two years because of her, and I first heard about fair-trade stuff from her.
I saw her pack her bags to go to college, and what do you know? I too did the same – only, I headed further down south.
See, if there is anything that Grace has that most people don’t: it’s bravery.
Most people waste so much time doubting what they do,
not Grace.
Most people up north don’t know me, but they’ll know me by my sister.
And I suppose this was a contributing reason as to why I wanted to head to Hobart.
I guess I was lucky in that I had three mums as I grew up.
I had Lauren: so kind, the most compassionate sister in the world. Who spoiled me and loved me, and let me be myself.
and I had Grace: the bold one. Brave. Courageous. A true leader. Who forged undeniably strong pathways.
and I had Mum: who taught me that sometimes this world can become so ugly that it will be our imagination and insanity that can save us.
I think I spent too long being angry at my sisters for leaving me when I needed them as I hit puberty.
I reminded them far too often that it was THEIR fault I was left alone with mum.
When really, I should have just appreciated the time I had gotten with them.
People can say, hey it’s only 6 months. She’ll be back in 6 months.
But I confidently say back to them:
‘you don’t know my sister like I do.’
I’ll say goodbye as though it will be for a long time.
Because Grace is a free spirit.
And I really love her for that.

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