like clockwork

So, yesterday I was able to spend some time with Ruby; who is rapidly becoming one of my closest friends. Which is saying something, as it usually takes me a while to trust a person. It was a great day. We had a meeting with Helen from The Center of Global Learning, which proved to be actually dead amazing. Anyway, we got to chill out in our favourite spot (Slapthemancar) again and have an awesome day all round.
Some pretty good conversations were had:

Ruby: I saw a girl yesterday, Friday, who looked like she would be good friends with you.
Catelyn: Oh… really?
Ruby: Yeah… she talked in the same way as you.
Catelyn: What did she look like?
Ruby: She had blonde hair.
Catelyn: hmm… it wouldn’t surprise me if it was Grace Tame.

It really made me quite surprised actually, that despite only knowing me for a couple of months; she had started recognizing similarities in me and other people. Knowing things about me, without knowing everything about me.

Catelyn: Which dye should I get? (holding up two colours, one two shades darker than the other).
Ruby: I don’t know.
Catelyn: (thinking) Which one should I get Ruby?
Ruby: (pointing) that one is darker.
Catelyn: (Thinking this was some sort of indication as to which one I should get) Yep… we’ll go with that one.

Catelyn: WOAH!
Ruby: What has happened HERE?! (pointing at the empty space in Target where racks once were)
Catelyn: What is going on!? (People walk around it normally, like it isn’t there)
Ruby: I don’t understand!? Are we the only ones who can see this!? WHAT!?
(We proceeded to make a large scene as we tested the ground to ensure it was real)

Ruby: (Lining up) I feel really drained
Catelyn: I blame these lights
Ruby: Perhaps they are sucking the energy from us
Catelyn: Perhaps we are the sun
Ruby: And somehow these lights are solar paneled.
Catelyn: I want some of those chocolates really bad
Ruby: Me too.
Catelyn: I reckon that’s the idea of those lights. To drain us, suck our energy, and then tempt us with chocolate so that we buy it.
Ruby: Look… I could eat a Boost. That would boost me up a bit…. And you could eat a Twirl. Because you could do with a bit of a twirly feeling. There are ones for every occasion. I can emotionally relate to these chocolate bars.

Catelyn: I am joining a cheerleading squad.
Ruby: Oh okay.
Catelyn: Yep.
Ruby: (silent) That’s cool
Ruby: wait… WHAT!? I didn’t register… I didn’t know there were squads in Tasmania!? I thought it was all just for America!
Catelyn: Nahh, a lady came to a school to do a workshop last year. It was actually really cool. So I thought I would join. Tone myself up a bit again.
Ruby: Oh. Okay.
Catelyn: Yep.
Ruby: (philosophically) Yes…. Although, cheerleading can become rather superficial. Just be careful that you don’t get caught up in the superficialness of it all, Catelyn.
Catelyn: Thanks for that one Rubes.

Sitting with Mel in Salamanca (looking at photos):
Catelyn: Haha this is an absolute classic! (pointing to photo)
Catelyn: (flipping back a photo)
Ruby: THAT’S HER! That’s the girl I saw yesterday!
Catelyn: (Staring in shock) Are you fucking kidding me?
Ruby: That’s her!
Catelyn: Are you dead serious!? You freak! You absolute freak!
Ruby: (silent)
Catelyn: THAT IS ONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS RUBY! You absolute freak! How the hell did you know that she would be one of my friends! She is one of my CLOSEST friends!

See it was funny enough that she had not only made a stab at it being one of my friends. And what made it even funnier was that she guessed right. And what made it even funnier was that she had indeed picked Serena, one of my closest friends. But the funniest and strangest part was that she only picked and remembered Serena as ‘one of my friends’, despite there apparently being two girls at the lights.
And it wasn’t the only creepy thing that happened like that during the day. Our minds are like clockwork. Two jagged wheels that click together so well; it’s almost eery. You asked me the other day where I had been all your life. To be honest; I don’t really know where I was. But it’s funny to remember a time that I didn’t know you.


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