something i couldn’t overlook

I actually love the shit out of one of my friend’s blogs.
she posts some good stuff… always so intricate, yet so sarcastic and funny.
anyway, she posted a list about herself…
and pretty much, I took the first couple of words bolded them, delete the original response and filled in the blanks with my own response….

Thanks rubee… you are amazing… you got my 11:11 tonight:

If i have children, their first word will not be ‘mummah’ or even ‘daddah’… I plan for a more classier ‘beard’. What would be the long term effects of this?

You shouldn’t trust me alone with barbeque corn nuts… seriously, I have one and I physically cannot resist. No matter what mood I am in.

I can’t take actors in movies or tv shows seriously, if they have strands of hair in weird positioning, or clothes askew. No seriously, the director needs to (and SHOULD) learn how to be a perfectionist. (A prime example of this is in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Harry does his break down scene you can almost see his bum).

Most of the time I do things because I have this theory that doing stuff, means you get stuff  done?

I can’t taste or smell tuna without vomiting.

Year eleven has resulted in my realization that I actually will have a life soon.

I have perfected the art of saying the word ‘beard’ with as much emotion as Dakota Fanning’s breakdown scene in the Secret Life of Bees. I can also do a mean ‘leg solo’.

Yes, I was once caught checking out a close friend… let’s not dwell on that fact.

I recently realised that it is really quite easy to know whether you can or can’t trust a person.

I never buy clothes first hand, unless they are underwear, shoes or tights. I also never buy nail polish remover, and I really should, because it is tiresome having to search the entire boarding house every time I crave a nice wash of paint on my nails.

I am passionate about the fact that I will not eat tuna

I’ve discovered that science is simple – things are the way they are, because they have always been the way they are and always will be.  people, on the other hand, are complicated.  understanding human nature is a science in itself. (This was actually Rubee’s entire answer… I just had to re-post it because it was fucking amazing)

vanilla green tea = nothing of deep significance to my lifestyle choices.


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