it’s funny that ‘used’ and ‘used’ now mean different things

I used to doubt myself a lot.
I guess I still do.
Well I know I still do.
I reached a point in my life where I sat myself down and said:
‘hey catelyn… you may doubt yourself or even start to hate yourself…. but you can’t change that. ’
see I have wasted so much time trying to change the wrong types of things.
if I start getting all lovey on myself, then I’m going to become an arrogant prick,
yet if I constantly wake up thinking ‘shit, I can’t do this anymore’
then I’d be going round in circles.
so instead… of changing my attitude towards myself; I have began to change my attitude towards the attitude I have towards myself.
and as nuts as it sounds;
it works.

our mind only makes of a situation, what we let it.

If I can be comfortable with doubting myself;
then it won’t be a limitation I have pushed upon myself.

overall… I find the experience kind of liberating. that’s right… liberating my insanity


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