‘why don’t you want to be the one… i miss’

Annoying habits I possess:
1. Exclaiming the following phrases ‘hungo-bungo’, ‘cranka-banka’, ‘probs lol’, ‘totz lol’, ‘seri-a-mundo’ and a personal favorite ‘come in my eye’, in ordinary conversation.
2. Instead of dealing with a situation that is confronting; avoid eye contact and bolt when I get the chance.
3. Zoning out… in any (and really every) given context; particularly during a Mrs Tullgren’s stories.
4. When can’t be bothered to make a decent comeback I just denying everything the person says.
5. The vagina vortex… self explanatory.
6. ‘That’s what she said’ jokes. I assure you dear friends, as much as you pray and hope I move on; this is not a phase I am going through. It will not pass.
7. When things get awkward, or I am asking for help, I sing my request. Rather musical, but results in death threats.
8. Using a baby voice when I need to get child rates for things. Works every time. The advantages of looking young.
9. Believing that the word ‘ninja’ and ‘stealth’ are verbs.
10. Sleeping with minimal clothing on. Bra’s and undies. (My apology goes out to the tutors on morning duty)
11. Swearing profusely when there is a fire alarm.
12. Swearing profusely.
13. Talking too fast around German girls who are new to the boarding house.
14. Ranting. (I really do need to cut back.)
15. Compulsively saving a document, after little changes that have been made (No seriously… this document has already been saved at least 17 times)


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