i want you to come with me

It’s funny…  the sentence ‘I hate love’.
almost as funny as ‘I love hate’.
it’s like at one end of the spectrum you have hatred.
and at the other end you have love.
so how could those two words ever sit alongside each other in a sentence?
I hate love.
the statement almost aches of ignorance.

the other day I was asked on my formspring why I’m so serious about everything.
the exact question was: “i don’t understand why you have to be so deep about everything and take some things so seriously, where is the fun in that?”
and at first I sort of laughed at it.
it’s almost like a ‘God Karen, you can’t just ASK people why they’re white’ question.
because the person, really did ask a pretty naïve question.
but the way they phrased it, it was as though they really couldn’t stand how much I read into things.
It’s the way I am. I love reading pulling things apart.
I love poetry, and words, and philosophy, and learning about how all these broken bits string together,
and to me, that sort of IS fun, but perhaps I’m letting it consume too much of my life.
And yeah, it’s the way I am, but I’m not really afraid to try and change it.
I don’t plan on not pulling things apart on my blog anymore, because all I would blog is photos, which just isn’t my style. That is left to Megan and Cheg and stuff who post AMAZING pics…
But when I’m around friends and stuff, I do plan on holding back a bit.
the last thing I want to do is force my personality down anyone’s throat.


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