this probably won’t make sense unless you read cheg’s blog.

to cheg,
this is how i justify my statement:
I feel as though I could ask you any question.
and you would answer it.
and furthermore if you couldn’t, you wouldn’t pretend you could.
instead you would say:
‘I’m sorry. I don’t know the answer to your question.’

that is how I define your intelligence and understanding.
I do, however believe you shine a sad light on hope and faith.
it will fuck us up.
but if this is true, we were already fucked up to begin with.
no matter who we love, or what amazing things we do, at the end of the day if we don’t have or can’t find a purpose for doing what we did, there was no point to doing anything at all.
it makes the moments where we are sad, hurting… suffering, not worth the effort.
why continue living, if there is nothing to live for, outside ourselves?
indeed we won’t know until our dead day, but our faith can sometimes determine when that dead day is.
if you catch my drift.
indeed faith, and a contrast in different faiths can fuck us up even more, but without it we run the risk of just being fuck ups with no reason to change.

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