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more glitter
May 29, 2010


it’s contagious
May 29, 2010

today, mel
a) allowed me to cut her a pixie fringe
and b) participated in a glitter fight i suggested would be fun
pretty sure i love her.

mel’s pixie fringe… just casually

this is a sacred vessel
May 29, 2010

catelyn: (listens to a rant in regin spektor’s mind about how it’s cheaper and best to cut your own hair) i swear regi reads my mind… you know they say great minds think alike.
mel: (silent)
catelyn: do you think it’s true… DO YA DO YA DO YA DO YA!?
mel: (silent)
catelyn: it would be nice if it was… but i think it’s BULLSHIT.
mel: (silent)
catelyn: think about it… the greatest minds, really didn’t think alike, they were all had different ideas.
mel: (silent)
catelyn: i reckon it should be ‘great minds understand other great minds’.
mel: that’s not NEARLY as catchy catelyn

do not adjust your mind. there is a fault in reality
May 28, 2010

i can guarantee you will not stop thinking about this video after you watch it.
dare i say, it may creep you out… just a little

there is a fault in the reality of the scene that the composer of this film creates…
enjoy it for what it is worth…

this my friends… is love
May 28, 2010

May 22, 2010

so tired i couldn’t even type ‘perfection’ correctly… a little ironic
i’m waiting for lauren to get home… and when she arrives, i will stay awake for as long as it takes her to fall asleep.
she is struggling to drift off at the moment.

so in my ‘try and stay awake’ game, i stumbled upon this
i didn’t know how to react to it at first…
sheer brilliance though