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so i’ll never have to to explore
April 15, 2010

the genius next door… he killed himself. didn’t he…

we are just puppets of our wreckless nation.


i’ve lost my head to the clouds
April 3, 2010

there once was a heart and a lung. they worked well together, they did, as they were supposed to. but the heart hurt sometimes, hurt itself. the lung never knew what to do, because all it had ever done was inflate and deflate, inflate and deflate, inflate and deflate. the lung was scared of the heart stopping its work, so scared it started inflating and deflating faster and faster, in and out, in and out. Yet it could never get any closer to the heart, hurting, just out of reach.

you told me to remember, remember that i’m beautiful.
and that if i forgot, you’d have to kill me.

i’m beautiful.

– serena davies